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Photo by Matt Hammond.

I didn’t get a photo of this turtle while snorkeling, but a member of my party got it. I actually drifted right over it!

We saw an even larger green turtle later on, which was the biggest one I’d ever seen.

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(Photo by Manuel Heinrich Emha)

This is a green sea turtle hatchling.

Green sea turtles are actually named for their green fat. The turtles themselves vary greatly in color.

Because they are named for their fat, we know that these turtles were originally known as a food source.

I have snorkeled with these turtles off Maui. It was a very interesting experience. The turtles would graze on algae on the ocean floor and then would shoot up to get oxygen at the surface. They had almost no fear of people, and one of the them surfaced nearly 2 feet from where I was floating.

On the Big Island, I have seen them come out onto black sand beaches to bask in the sun. I believe they are the only sea turtles that are known to bask on land.

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