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Posted on The Atlantic’s Youtube channel, this week:

He’s one of my heroes. I won’t lie about it.

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These dogs are in the elkhound/laika family and are still used for their original purpose.

Of course, in North America, the various native forms of Ursus arctos aren’t doing so well. (The grizzly bear is actually the same species as the Eurasian brown bear species.) When the dogs are worked on that species, they are leashed.

But when they are used against American black bears (as they are here), the dogs are released.

I’m surprised that no one in West Virginia has heard of this breed. Bear hunting (for black bears) is a major activity here. The majority of the dogs used here are scent hounds, including coonhound and Plott hounds. Occasionally, Airedales and cur-types are used.

Of course, I’m sure that the first thing someone would say about them is that they are some sort of black and white “Norwegian.” (The word “elkhound” is often dropped– not realizing that “Norwegian” can also refer to people.  To me, it’s like calling the German shepherd a “German.”)

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