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gynandromorph cardinal

That’s because it’s a¬†gynandromorph, which mens that it has both male and female characteristics.

Jerry Coyne explains that we really don’t know why this bird is a gynandromorph.

There is quite a bit of speculation as to why it look like this.

But one side it’s a female cardinal, and on the other, it is male.

A very freaky looking bird, one that needs more study.


I always thought it strange that only cardinals get to choose the new pope.

Why don’t they let other birds have a chance?

In cardinals, the males are bright right red and sassy, and the females are pretty meek.

Maybe that’s why the catholic church only allows males in the priesthood.

Please indulge my attempts at humor.

At the very least, move casually away from the computer…


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