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This guy made a discovery! This is not a gray seal or harbor seal. This is a harp seal, the same species that gives birth on the ice in eastern Canada and the Canadians love to take clubbing.  (Or so I’m told!)


Harbor seals are not incredibly uncommon in North Carolina, especially during the winter, but that is about as far south as they actually do range in the Western Atlantic. A gray seal was also spotted in North Carolina this past spring.

Both harbor seals and gray seals are gray dappled, almost like bluetick hounds. This seal is black and white pied!

This footage was taken in 2011, when there were four sightings of harp seals in North Carolina.  The reason why the seals were coming so far south still has not been answered.

Many of North Carolina’s coastal rivers have a pretty healthy population of alligators, which means during that winter American alligators were within just a few miles a seal that gives birth on the ice.

Weird North America, eh?


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