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Get the dynamite!


I think that backfired.

And it blew a big hole in the side of the whale. It didn’t disintegrate as planned.

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Pet Travel Safety Tip

Don’t tie the dog to the bumper, forget about it, and drive off!


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Would you believe Ol' Rush is a cat person?

Would you believe Ol' Rush is a cat person?

He’s a cat person!

My rules on whether I trust a person or not are as follows:

1. Never trust a cat person.

2. If the person owns cats and dogs, I can trust that person.

3. If that person has extremely opposite political views from me, I can trust them if that person has a dog. This works, unless the person actually holds office. And then I don’t trust that person.

4. If a Democrat, liberal, or progressive has only cats, well, rule #1 applies. I’m am “dogmatic” about this– no pun intended.

Why? I like animals that look at you when you talk to them.

Cats are okay. I would own with dogs, and if I couldn’t give a dog a good life, I’d get a cat as a substitute. However, they aren’t my first choice.

BTW, I should tell everyone who frequents the blog my biases. I’m a Democrat. A bleeding heart liberal, like Michael Stivic.

About the only issues about which I am “conservative” are the 2nd Amendment, immigration (I don’t think we should be dragging race into this debate, however), and the value of hunting and trapping. I’m also not a vegetarian. Everything else, well, I’m on theĀ  bleeding heart, Kucinich wing of the party. I’ve had to talk myself out of voting for Ralph Nader several times, including this last time.

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