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I don’t know how these guys do it, but my guess is the San have skills that we’ve just turned over to driving cars and running computers.

Or maybe we’ve lost this knowledge entirely.

The persistence hunt is supposedly the oldest form of hunting. This is how our ancestors got most of their food. Granted, mine probably weren’t chasing Kudu in Northern Europe, but they were hunting red deer, caribou/reindeer, aurochsen, wisent, horses, and marine mammals.

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wolf in zoo

This blog post takes the Scheildt and Shalter study to a different level.

The arguments here fit very nicely with Marshall Sahlins’s theory that hunter-gathers were the original affluent society.

And they probably were even more so when there were plenty of megafauna species to hunt.

Your life as a hunter-gatherer probably wouldn’t be that tough. It’s just the work that you do requires the reflexes and the smooth joint articulation that is associated with people under the age of forty. Once you hit your thirties, you slow down too much and become unable to really hunt effectively. Also, the chance of workplace injury (particularly being maimed by a mammoth you are pursuing) is rather high.

I will say that focusing too much on brain size reduction in domestic animals is a major error that leads many people astray. Keep in mind that we have selected dogs to have certain cognitive abilities that wolves generally don’t have. A wolf may have a big brain, especially those big game hunting wolves from the boreal forests and the Arctic, but that does not automatically mean that wolves are more intelligent than dogs are.

Gosh, I’m being interdisciplinary today.

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