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Now, if you want to read hysterical nonsense, please go to the original youtube of this video and read the comments! If  the animal rightsniks had their way, I guess these hunters should have  just let that sow kill and maim a couple of people.

Now, you can eat these bears. I have heard that Alaskan brown bear meat is a bit fishy. I’ve eaten black bear meat. It’s actually really good, if it’s prepared correctly. We had a bear barbecue at 4-H camp when I was boy, and I loved it.

These bears are not endangered. The subspecies that lives in the Lower 48, the grizzly, is endangered. However, it is endangered only in the Lower 48.

This species has what is called a “Holarctic” distribution. That means that it is found in the Palearctic (Europe and Asia, except for Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent) and Nearctic (All of North America north of the Valley of Mexico, except for Florida). Wolves, red foxes, mallard ducks, and brown bears have a Holarctic distribution.

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is  the most numerous bear on the planet. Certain subspecies, like the Grizzly in the Lower 48 and the European brown bear, are not doing well. However, as a species, they are doing far better than giant pandas and spectacled bears.

There is nothing wrong with hunting bears. Such activities do provide income for people and more funds for conservation. It is also a legitimate way to appreciate nature and connect with a world from which so many of us are horribly alienated. This alienation gives people a false impression about what life is really like for most other creatures.

We would rather believe it is a sanitized version of our own lives, free from the artifical constraints and technology that so drive our lives. However, those constraints and technology make our lives so much easier.  The other creatures lack those constraints and technology, and their lives are really not so nice. Nature is a much tougher judge than any in our courts.

Nature is not Bambi. Nature is a cruel selector. Death is its quality control device.

It might seem cruel to shoot a bear, but being shoot is a lot less painful than having the bear die a natural death. And a big killer of these bears is other bears. And when bears kill each other, it’s not with a single swift blow.  It’s usually a nasty event with lots of blood and gore, and the bear that dies usually doesn’t die instantly.

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