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Unless we are careful, the golden retriever will become an ivory-colored Newfoundland.

Unless we are careful, the golden retriever will become an ivory-colored Newfoundland.

 This dog is an exaggerated “English-type” dog.   It is the future of the golden retriever, and it is nothing like what the Marjoribankses, Mrs. Charlesworth, or anyone else who founded the breed had in mind.

I feel like I’m one of those “original intent” constitutional scholars or jurists with whom I actually disagree.

But there is no way this type of dog is as fast or as healthy as the more lithe dogs that were once bred and can be still found in the working lines. My experience with this type is they are also lacking in intelligence, a statement their owners always take as offensive.

Well, working type retrievers have been bred for biddability almost entirely. They have the prey drive, which comes across as a mouthing behavior that eventually is matured and trained into a mouth and return behavior.  The dogs I have had were almost obsessive in their desire to retrieve.  They also learned their commands (the simple ones) in less than 10 (often less than 3) repetitions. I’ve yet to see one of these show types from English extraction really behave as a retriever is supposed to. (I don’t even think they look like golden retrievers, to be honest.)

The Labrador people are laughing at this dog. They can condescend that a golden isn’t a working dog, because this is the type of dog that they associate with the breed. It is not what I associate with the breed at all.

If someone offered me one for free, I’d take it, have it spayed or neutered, and rehome it.  But they are nothing like the field bred dog, and they are nothing like the original breed.

Unless like-minded golden retriever people say no to this type dominating our breed, this is what we’re going to be stuck with.  The golden retriever will have become an Ivory Newfoundland.

And for now on, that’s what  this blog is going to call this type of golden. It is the Ivory Newfoundland!

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