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Lots of tradition here, though the orange hunting vests are an American invention.

They use jagdterriers to drive the game, and when a red deer is shot, a long-haired weimaraner with a somewhat sharper edge than most American gun dogs is used to track it down.


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No. I didn’t invent them. No one in my family did.

But they were developed in the same region (Westfalen/Westphalia) where my ancestors lived in during the Middle Ages.

The breed was founded in the 1970’s, when Manfred Rüter started his breeding program in Dorsten, which is in far western Westphalia near the northern edge of Rhineland.

He originally started crossing fox terriers with Lakelands, but he then outcrossed to the German hunt terrier (Jagdterrier). It is designed to be a versatile hunting dog like the Jadgterrier and the dachshund. They retrieve, trail, and “do terrier work.”  Like the Jagdterrier, they may be a little big for some terrier people in this country.

Two other dog breeds come from Westphalia: the Westphalian dachsbracke (the ancestor of the more common drever) and the Kromfohrländer, which was developed in Siegen in South Westphalia.

There is also a strain of warmblood horse, which is called the Westfalen or the Westphalian.

These dogs are now being bred in the United States.

I hope they stick with the name Westfalenterrier and not the English translation of “Westphalian terrier.”

I prefer it only because it’s closer to my last name.

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