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Here’s some shameless (I mean shameless) politics. I know I’ll lose some conservatives out there, but oh well.

This video is of Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama with video evidence to back up Obama’s assertions.  This was my grandfather’s favorite part of the debate.


Here’s a humorous clip of how Obama may have prepared for the debate:

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This barbaric practice isn’t hunting. It’s slaughter. It’s designed to increase moose and caribou numbers for private sport hunters. Alaskan natives can kill only one moose per year.  The numbers of caribou and moose are increased to increase the profits of outfitters.

Sarah Palin appropriated $400,000 in public funds to “educate” Alaskans about the necessity of aerial wolf killing. A referendum in Alaska that allowed this practice was passed by Alaskan voters, just before McCain chose her. I do not wish to make this a political blog, but as someone who believes in sound wildlife management, I cannot support this ticket.  (I have other political reasons for not supporting McCain-Palin, but this is one that is relevant to the blog.)

The above video comes from Defenders of Wildlife, a pro-conservation group that, among other things, compensates ranchers for their losses to wolves and other wildlife.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t manage wolf numbers, but if we do manage them, it should be done by competent professionals using the most humane methods, not wolf-hating outfitters.  Using airplanes is not a good hunting practice anyway. It’s somewhat akin to fishing with dynamite.

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