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Amur tiger = “Siberian” tiger.

This might be the best dog hunting video of all time.  There are two laikas chasing a young tiger in the snow, and the hunters take the tiger and put it a sack. Then, they haul it out on a sled. The tiger doesn’t look very happy in the end.


I think one of these hunters is Vladimir Kruglov. Kruglov was one of the last “tiger catchers” in Russia.  There was a big demand for live tigers in the West for zoos and circuses. Everyone wanted a big tiger to display, and the Amur tiger is the largest subspecies.

John Vaillant Kruglov’s techniques in The Tiger (2010):

I don’t know if you can stop a tiger from biting you if you grab it by the ears, but I do know that these tiger catchers normally chased young tigers, not adult ones.  The tiger in the video appears much smaller than you might expect because it is a juvenile.

This might be the ultimate dog hunting video. 

Amur tigers eat wolves, and they are very much known for transferring their desire to hunt wolves onto preying upon domestic dogs. Virtually everyone who spends time with dogs in Amur tiger country has lost a dog or two. This is not an easy task for any dog to perform. It requires a lot of courage and a lot of trust between man and dog. The dog has to know that the men have its back. Otherwise, it’s running after an animal that would love nothing more than to have dinner home deliver itself.

It also takes some skill and some nerve on behalf of the tiger catchers. You better know what you’re doing if you come charging at a tiger with a big stick. Yes, they have firearms, but if the goal is to catch it alive, they have to get very close to something that could kill them in split second.

This is remarkable footage, and one should realize that most of the Amur tigers in captivity right now derive from ancestors that were captured in this fashion. 

I can tell you that most dogs in the United States would have problems dealing with a bobcat at close quarters. Most small dogs would have problems with domestic cats. Pound for pound, cats are much more powerful than dogs. And when you take the largest cat in the world, a dog really doesn’t stand a chance at all.

It’s really amazing to see dogs go after a predator than even the biggest wolves in the region avoid at all costs. (And there are relatively few wolves in the region because the tigers kill them!)

I don’t think these laikas would be baying up a tiger if they didn’t have competent human handlers who understood them and the quarry they both seek.

A laika could just as easily be lunch.

But these two charge on after the great striped cat.

And they don’t rest until the cat is in the bag.



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