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A few days ago, I posted about the discovery of a New Guinea singing dog in the wild.

Again, here is the photo of the supposed dog:

New guinea singing dog in the wild

I am a professional skeptic, and when I hear or read something that just doesn’t sound right, I question it.

Note that I am just questioning it. I am not saying that this is the case.

But could someone provide me evidence that this photo is not a photoshop of a “fawn” kelpie that has been placed in a jungle?

Here’s a fawn kelpie:

This particular color is called “fawn.” It’s actually a liver dilute, which means it has the brown-skinned allele and the dilution factor. This particular one has tan points, but they can come in solid colors, too.

This color is not common in dogs. It just isn’t.

So it would be very unusual for a wild dog from New Guinea to have this coloration.

So I’m skeptical.

The problem with being a skeptic is you’re bound to piss off people who want to believe things.

I don’t care if it actually is what people purport it to be.

I am okay with that finding.

It’s just that no one seems to be questioning the coloration or offering any sort of skeptical inquiry about its origins.

Prove me wrong.

The claim that this is a New Guinea singing dog in the wild is an extraordinary claim.

And as the old saw goes “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

It is possible to photoshop a fawn kelpie into this landscape, and until someone provide evidence that it cannot be a photoshop, then I’m going to continue my skepticism.

Skepticism, in general, is something that is very lacking among the New Guinea singing dog community. If one goes through their literature, virtually every fantastic claim is written down a biological fact.

That’s not good science.

At all.

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Kelpie song:


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The kelpie is the Australian sheep-herding dog. It is definitely descended from collie stock, but it may also have dingo in its ancestry.

The kelpie is the Australian sheep-herding dog. It is definitely descended from collie stock, but it may also have dingo in its ancestry.

I found an interesting page on Australian kelpies, and some good documentation of their dingo ancestry.

It’s well known that the Australian cattle dog (Queensland heeler, red heeler, or blue heeler) is a mixture of collie, dingo, Dalmatian, and bull terrier. However, the dingo ancestry of the kelpie is always denied, mainly because it’s a sheep dog and dingoes eat sheep. To say that the sheep killer is in your good working dogs is to give the dingoes a little break. And to say anything good about dingoes in the very rural parts of Australia is bit like saying anything good about coyotes in  virtually any rural part of North America. Also, many Australian states did not allow dingo ownership, so the people who were interbreeding dingoes into their dogs probably did deny any such crossing.

I don’t know if this website is true, but I find it a bit convincing. The kelpie does have dingoish features, and black and tan dingoes are not unknown, although it is usually said that the black and tan coloration comes from interbreeding with domestic dogs.

Depending upon your perspective, the dingo is either an Australian wolf, a feral dog, or a primitive breed of dog. I take that all three are accurate. It is the “wolf” of Australia, and it is derived from an Asian animal that was somewhere between wolf and dog. It was kept as a dog in Asia, but when it arrived in Australia, it soon moved into a semi-domesticated position. The thousands of years of benign neglect on that continent gave the dingo a chance to become fully wolf.

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