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Since Crufts,  I’ve been inundated with Facebook threads and crazy websites that do nothing but conspiracy-monger and accuse others who don’t agree with them as being “animal rights activists.”  These exchanges are often way over the top.

But this thread on the Exhibitor’s Voice and Choice Facebook page beats them all. (I know that it says “Canine Alliance,” but it’s not the same thing as the other Canine Alliance, which will be discussed in a minute.)

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The post they are attacking can be found at Pippa Mattinson’s thelabradorsite.com in which she offers some criticism of the Canine Alliance for claiming to be about dog health but whose primary goal is to stop the Kennel Club’s new policy of mandatory vet checks for BOB winners in fifteen high profile breeds.

She gets called an animal rights activist, but if she’s an animal rights activist, then the term must be meaningless.

I always thought animal rights activists opposed hunting and shooting.  Many of them also oppose training dogs for any purpose.

Generally, animal rights activists don’t have blogs that cover shoot management, gun dog training, stalking roe and fallow deer, and ferreting with nets.

But you can find every single one of these issues covered in posts on her personal blog.

Discussing most of these subjects would get the typical animal rights activist hot under the collar in pretty short order.

So why are the Canine Alliance’s toadies and sycophants slagging her as an animal rights activist?

It’s simple:  They have no arguments.

Well, they have arguments, but they make sense only to other people who feel threatened by a major kennel club taking health issues seriously.

And when people feel threatened, they throw poo.

Not really all that different from monkeys.

Calling someone an animal rights activist is a way of turning yourself into a victim or, at the very least, making one’s position seem persecuted by some evil other.

It’s really childish and silly, especially when the person they are calling an animal rights activist is obviously not one.

And this is why you know they are losing the argument.

The public doesn’t see rational actors here.

It sees people who are acting like a bunch of overgrown children.

There is an unbelievable assumption of entitlement that oozes from the words on the various Facebook pages and website.

These people feel that they are entitled to show dogs with exaggerated and unhealthy conformation in shows that are sponsored and governed by a private entity.  They also feel that they have some right to have these dogs rewarded with prizes, even though this private entity has had standards rewritten and widely publicized that these health checks would be mandatory for BOB winners in these 15 high profile breeds.

The public, by and large, don’t like people with an entitled mentality.

The entitled mentality is a very good way to lose the public debate.

It’s also the road to irrelevance.

If these people insist on going down this path, it is very likely that all dog breeders are going to suffer the consequences.

The public is developing a low tolerance for this foolishness.

And these people are going to lose badly.

People love their dogs.  Dogs are held in a higher status in much of the West than perhaps any time in history.

People don’t have much sympathy for people who intentionally breed dogs with conformation issues that cause health and welfare problems.

And if this is the mountain that a large chunk of the dog fancy has decided to make its last stand on, they are sorely mistaken.

This will be the Alamo, not Rorke’s Drift.

Calling a gun dog and shooting sport enthusiast an animal rights activist is the sign of people who have lost the debate.

They have no defense.

And it’s now all out in the open.

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As regular readers of this blog know, there is a lot of whining going on about the Kennel Club’s new policy of checking BOB winners in 15 high priority breeds.

This whining has been mixed in with some bizarrely paranoid conspiracy mongering, and too many of these people think that anyone who refuses to denounce this policy in the most nasty matter possible automatically assume that you’re  the enemy and, therefore, must be  a dreaded “animal rights activist.” (If I am an animal rights activist, then why do I wear fur?)

However, the reason for the implementation of this policy can be found in the 2011 report from the Kennel Club’s Dog Health Group.

One of the initial reforms the KC undertook after “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” came out was that standards in certain breeds were rewritten. The KC then began a process of conformation judge education, but it became more and more obvious that judges simply weren’t adhering to the new standards. By and large, they were judging to the old ones.

So in 2010 and 2011, the KC started a program in which trained health observers  would evaluate dogs in these breeds.

Each judge was required to submit a health report in which the dogs were given a score from 1-4.  1 indicated the dog was in poor health, while 4 indicated the dog was in excellent health.

The observers were asked to use the same ranking system.

The results were an extreme discrepancy between judges and health observers.

With the exception of the Clumber spaniel, the judges generally thought the dogs were healthier than the trained health observers.

If judges are seeing health were trained health observers (who I’m guessing are probably veterinarians), then there is a problem with judges.

Thus the Kennel Club sought to find a way to get judges to pay much closer attention to health and welfare issues, and that’s why it implemented the new mandatory health check policy.  It is an attempt to get judges to change the way they think about these high profile breeds.

This is nothing more than a governing body of a sport implementing a new rule to protect the athletes. In this case, the athletes are show dogs.

This is not big government. The Kennel Club is a private entity.

It’s actually a very responsible action on behalf of the Kennel Club, and it is one that will serve it well as an institution for the long term.

If you cannot see that, then you fundamentally don’t recognize how the animal rights extremists operate. If you deny facts and become a conspiracy monger, the real animal rights people are much better propagandists than you are. If you give them this much rope, they will surely hang you with it.

So you’re better off addressing real issues within your own system. It’s far better to address these issues rationally than to act like Dale Gribble.

If you act like Dale Gribble, you’re losing.


And you probably don’t even realize it.

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This man is the Kennel Club’s “Baghdad Bob” :

Source (Jemima Harrison)

The Crufts winner had to be bleeped for legal reasons.

The Finnish spitz is actually a gun dog. It be used as a treeing dog and a flusher– just like spaniel. (Although, unlike spaniels, it is required to tree or “perch” the bird.)

So it actually still does have a purpose for which we can breed it.

I don’t think the Finnish hunters think these dogs are of poor quality. I think they would probably think the UK show dogs are. I’m not familiar with them, but I do know that gray Norwegian elkhounds have some similar characteristics.

When I first watched it, I laughed so hard that I nearly fell out of my chair.

It’s not the Mr. Cavill is stupid. He does know dogs, but his understanding of dogs is entirely within the framework of fancy. And that has him blinkered.

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The blocky English Labrador or "Bentley" Labrador may become a thing of the past if standard revisions are accepted in the UK.

The blocky English Labrador or "Bentley" Labrador may become a thing of the past if standard revisions are accepted in the UK.

The KC has come up with some standard revisions for the Labrador.

Characteristics Good-tempered, very agile (which precludes excessive body weight or substance). Excellent nose, soft mouth; keen love of water. Adaptable, devoted companion.

Body Chest of good width and depth, with well sprung barrel ribs – this effect not to be produced  by carrying excessive weight. Level topline. Loins wide, short-coupled and strong.

The new proposed standards can be seen here. Several breeds are getting them.

I think the standard revisions are also necessary for the golden retriever which is losing its agility, and yes, there are lots of fat ones!

As I’ve said before, the blocky Lab is cute but it’s not functional.

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Here’s the much anticipated expose:

*Warning: Not for sensitive or younger viewers!

Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part 4,  Part 5, Part 6,

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