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This is a dead piglet in a baby costume:


But a fox actually did try to take a baby in London a few weeks ago.

London mayor Boris Johnson, who can be a touch hyperbolic at times, has declared foxes a “menace.

The problem is that people in London are feeding foxes, and these foxes are losing their fear of people.

I don’t know why anyone would feed foxes. They eat pretty well on their own, and what’s more, they carry mange, and in my country, are a vector for rabies.

So please don’t feed the foxes.

They might not eat your babies, but they are wild animals that should always have a healthy fear of people.

In my part of the world, no one in their right mind would feed a fox.

But urban dwellers have romantic ideas about them and seeing as the UK is devoid of large predators and the red fox is the only wild dog most Briton are ever going to see, they have very bizarre ideas of what these animals are.

In North America, we have people who are called wolfaboos, who swear that wolves can do no wrong.

And some of this fox fascination in the UK is just an ersatz wolfabooism.

Having red foxes in very high numbers is actually pretty unusual for ecosystems.

The only reason why there are so many of them in parts of North America and Europe is because of mesopredator release.

The wolves and other large predators that would control fox numbers have been killed off, and now their numbers are much higher than they normally would be.

Wolves usually don’t kill small mammals and birds, but red foxes do.

And when red fox numbers are high, there is increased pressure on small mammals and birds.

The wolves were actually their watch dogs.

They kept fox numbers in check.

And now if you feed the foxes, all you really are doing is feeding the mesopredator release monster.

It’s the same as the TNR nonsense with feral cats.

And that is why we must control fox and feral cat numbers.

There is no other way around it.

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