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Remember that PETA actually stands for “People Euthanizing Thousands of Animals.”

But here’s the petition on the White House website:

Every year in the United States, an estimated 6 to 8 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters and nearly half of these animals—many of them healthy, young, and adoptable—must be euthanized because there are too many animals and not enough good homes.

This tragedy occurs because people don’t spay and neuter their animals and because greedy breeders continue to churn out more puppies. Because all dogs and cats are precious and because no more animals need to be bred when so many others go without hope of being adopted, PETA is calling for a mandatory spay-and-neuter law until all dogs and cats in the United States have a home to call their own.

Sign the petition calling for a mandatory spay-and-neuter law to help end the animal overpopulation crisis.

See any problems with the facts on this petition.

Well, they overestimate the number of pets killed in the United States by shelters– by quite a lot.

Now, I don’t think that feral cats should even be counted as pets, and I vehemently opposed to TNR.  From a wildlife management persepective, it These cats should be treated as invasive species and every single one of them that cannot be socialized to people euthanized. If we did that, it would definitely pare back the numbes of “pets” being killed in shelters. That’s sounds extreme, but that’s the policy we had for arctic foxes on the Aleutians  and that Texas has for feral pigs.

That’s a very different question from euthanizing adoptable pets, which is something that should be regarded as a scandal. The demand for pet dogs and cats continues to rise every year, and all that is needed to take care of the bulk of this problem is some adjustments in how these pets are marketed. It’s an issue, but it’s hardly a crisis.

However, if you look at the the bottom line of such a policy, it is very simple:  Let’s end dog and cat ownership in one generation!

To implement such a policy nationwide– where there are 70-80 million dogs and 80 million or more pet cats– you would have to hire something like a national animal police to keep everyone in line.

Never mind that the AMVA is opposed to compulsory sterilization for companion animals. And it is the AMVA that is the governing body over the people who would actually be performing the sterlizations.

Never mind that spaying and neutering have definite risks as well as benefits, and these risks and benefits can vary from breed to breed and from animal to animal.

Never mind that the president has never stated support for this policy, and it is likely unconstitutional.  The commerce clause has been made elastic over the years, but I doubt it can be bent to fit this craziness.

PETA is proposing an extreme solution to a problem that can be solved, a problem that is closer to being solved now than it was twenty years ago.

The solution is for another problem that PETA has:  That people actually own dogs and cats. And that dogs and cats exist as domestic animals.

These laws are designed to stop people from breeding dogs and cats, so that people will adopt every animal they own. And those animals will be spayed and neutered. And within a generation, the domestic dog and cat will disappear.

PETA wouldn’t tell you this of course. But this is the logical end of mandatory spay and neuter nonsense. Keep in mind that even if we keep PETA inflated figures for the number of dogs and cats euthanized, these animals represent an extreme minority of the dogs and cats living in the United States every year.  And if we look at the number of dogs and cats that are actually being euthanized, and correctly discount all the adult feral cats, which will never be pets by any stretch of the imagination, the number becomes quite paltry indeed.



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