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These wome keep monkeys as their perpetual children, even when the monkeys bit their real children!

I don’t think monkeys make particularly good pets. The potential zoonoses alone should make one really think carefully before bringing a non-human primate into the home.

But to make one your ersatz child, that’s a somewhat–um– pathological.

And, as you’ll see, when the monkeys are bad, they call in the “monkey whisperer” to get them under control!

(See Part II and the rest here)

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I just watched a show on Nat Geo Wild about women who keep pet monkeys, which they call “monkids.”  These monkeys bite their human children and get diabetes from eating too much junk food. So yeah, you don’t need a pet monkey.

But I think Richard Pryor did a better job than I ever could of explaining why you really don’t need a pet monkey:


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