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Update on the Denali moose calves

Remember the moose calves I saw at the Denali Park entrance?

Well, they were coming into contact with people so much that they had to be captured. I had heard that their mother had been killed, but the park had decided to leave them alone and see what happens.

They’ve now been sent to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.


So they won’t wind up as wolf or bear food.




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These two moose calves were at the entrance to Denali National Park, when I was taking the bus to a sled dog demonstration. (The same day I also caught the grayling).



These photos were taken from a bus. I was not on foot.

When I was on foot in moose cow and calf country, I finally realized what it’s like to be a little dog wandering around white-tailed deer when the does give birth. At any moment, there could be a ticked off ungulate coming at me!

Update (8 July 16):  I had heard rumors that the moose calves’ mother had been shot. It is true, and because they were hanging out so close to people, the park captured them today for relocation.  



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