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These two Labrador retriever bitches belonged Arthur Holland-Hibbert, 3rd Viscount Knutsford.

The one on the left is Munden Saba. The one standing is Munden Single. Munden Single was the first Labrador retriever to run in a field trial.

Viscount Knutsford sent this photograph to Country Life Illustrated, which published the image and this letter on 26 October 1907:


Perhaps you may care to insert the enclosed photograph of two Labrador retriever bitches. The one standing is Munden Single, the other Munden Saba. They are typical of the breed, and I receive so many letters asking me to give the characteristic points of the Labrador, that it occurred to me such a picture might be appreciated by some of your readers.

A. Holland-Hibbert.

Viscount Knutsford was instrumental in getting the Labrador retriever recognized as a distinct breed.

Munden Single was almost entirely of Buccleuch breeding.

The other lines of dog include dogs that were Labradors, but as far as I can tell, the only lines that consisted of only smooth-coated retrievers in Britain are those of the Earls of Malmesbury and the Dukes of Buccleuch. These other lines in the Labrador foundational pedigrees were outcrossed to then the much more common wavy and flat-coated retrievers. Some of these wavy or flat-coated dogs were also referred to as “Labradors,” making research into the pedigrees more than a little difficult.

The fusion of the Malmesbury and Buccleuch lines also included the addition of fresh blood from Newfoundland. The dog called Buccleuch Avon in that pedigree was an import, and all modern Labrador retrievers have him in their pedigrees.

I put the origins of the modern Labrador retriever at the arrival of Avon.

Before that time, the term “Labrador” could have referred to virtually any retriever, and in some cases, even referred to the large Newfoundland dog.

By 1900, the term “Labrador retriever” came to have a very specific meaning.

And once it became more specific, a breed could be developed.

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