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Newsweek  is now doing some reporting on those people who still believe in the bigfoot.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who is actually a respected anthropologist, except for the bigfoot research, still thinks that science will eventually uncover the bigfoot.  I am glad that someone is interested in using science here, but I hate to tell Dr. Meldrum that most of what we already know shows us that humans are the only apes indigenous to the Americas. We are also the only primates found north of the Valley of Mexico. Gigantopithecus blackii was most likely a knuckle-walker, not a biped. No full skeletons of the beast have been found, and we know it only through fossilized teeth and few jaw fragments. It also may have lived largely on bamboo, which means that it definitely could not have withstood the conditions of Beringia. Humans can live largely on meat for a very long period of time. No other primate can do so.  That’s how we have made it in high latitudes. That some species of giant ape could cross into North America and remain hidden from science for so many years is simply not logical. As many hunters as we have, it is shocking that no one would have shot one.

I’m a bigfoot skeptic. I’m not a cynic. If one were proven to exist, I would be more than thrilled. But the evidence just isn’t out there.

However, Jane Goodall is a believer:

I’m still a skeptic.

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