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This dog is listed as Noranby Curfew in 1926. The woman featured with him is Winifred Charlesworth. i.e., the person I credit most with establishing the golden retriever as a distinct breed.

This dog is very typical of the type she liked to produce:  fairly dark and fairly moderate. Many of the earlier dogs were much more similar to the old heavy wavy-coated retriever type, but she and others worked to modify the dog so that it could be more useful. The dogs never became as fully racy as the flat-coated retriever eventually became, but they did move more towards moderation.

One of the early complaints about goldens is they were slow movers– no doubt the result of many of them having this heavier conformation. I doubt that many of the Guisachan or Melbury dogs were trialled much, so they retained the “1860’s model” type for the wavy-coated retriever. Trialling dogs almost always changes their type, which is why the wavy/flat-coated retriever evolved from a 70-80-pound St. John’s water dog-type in the 1860’s to 50-68-pound dog that was common by the 1890’s.

This dog also has a white “medallion” on the chest, a trait that still pops up int he breed today.

This dog looks very much like a modern working-type golden retriever. That keen expression, intelligent expression is very much typical of the breed.

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