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Noranby Sandy was born in 1910, and he was a middle to light gold dog. Had either pale gold or cream shadings. He was run in field trials, but he never won a conformation championship. He was just two years older than Noranby Campire, the first champion in the breed.

He was a Noranby dog with Ingestre ancestors. His dam was Yellow Nell, born to Ingestre Scamp and Ingrestre Tyne, dogs that can be easily traced to the Guisachan dogs. His paternal grandsire was Fox of Melbury, and the Melbury dogs were owned by the 7th Earl of Ilchester. All the Melbury dogs were founded by Ada, one of the bitches born to the original Nous/Belle breeding.

He was a different color than the dogs Mrs. Charlesworth normally bred. Within fifteen years, she was producing dogs like Noranby Jeptha, which were somewhat darker in color.

The name Sandy denotes his sandy blond coloration, a color that many modern golden fanciers really like.

His lighter shadings are really quite attractive. I remember seeing a photo of a dark golden dog that we might call a “golden red,” but he had very light shadings in almost the same places that Sandy had them. It is not something someone sees very often, but it is possible for a dog to be quite dark and have light shadings.

I saw a golden in Munich with a similarly contrasting shading. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, although I do have one of an undocked Welsh terrier.


I put him on here because he reminds me of someone:


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