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Common snapping turtles are the alligators of the North!


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I never would have thought porcupines would have been that responsive or playful.

This image totally changes the way I view them!

I just thought of them as fisher food, and dogs shouldn’t eff with them.

I believe the porcupine once ranged into West Virginia, but it’s not here now.

I’ve never seen one here.

We have fishers, but no porcupines.

Maybe I’m wrong.

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This supposed sasquatch was photographed in Vancouver.

I’m not going to deal with the discussion about footprints, because I can tell you what the animal in the photograph is.

It’s not bigfoot. It’s not the sasquatch. It’s not even a primate.

It is this animal.

I can’t say for sure, because the photograph has poor resolution. It could possibly be a black bear cub, but the shape says it’s a very dark porcupine.

But it reminds me so much of this “bigfoot”:


Which was easily debunked:


I love reading the crazy comments on that last one!

“Porcupines don’t get that big.”

Well, I guess we have an unusually large porcupine then.

Because it’s not a sasquatch.

It’s a porcupine!

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