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This dog-killing cougar was the first killed in Ontario since 1884.

Police in Ontario have killed the first cougar in the province since 1884. The cat was killed in near the town of Utterson, which is in the District of Muskoka.

The Ottawa Sun reports:

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources have confirmed that an animal killed by police on the weekend is a cougar, long believed extinct in the province.

Police were called after the large cat killed a family dog in the Muskoka area.

There have been thousands of believed sightings of cougars in Ontario over the past few years, but this marks the first confirmed cougar killed in the province since 1884.

North of the Rio Grande, Puma concolor is doing fine.

It’s starting to work its way back into its former territory in the eastern half the continent.

Once they start to recolonize the Great Lakes region– as they clearly are– it will not be very long before they are able to set up shop in the St. Lawrence Valley and then work their way south and east into New England.  And from there, it’s not very long before they are in the Middle Atlantic states, especially the more remote mountainous parts of those states (which is where I am.)

Western cougars may be using the same paths to colonize the East that coyotes used.

The terrain is fairly flat from Lakes Superior and Michigan the eastern shore of Lake Eire and into Lake Ontario.  And the St. Lawrence also cuts a nice pathway to the east beyond the lakes.

It would make sense that lots of animals would use roughly the same path to travel from the Midwest into the Northeast.


Update: It looks like this cat is an escapee from a big cat collection just across the road.

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