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How do we breed dogs with stronger immune systems?

Also, see this post at DesertWindHounds. (Don’t freak. The background has changed. It is the same blog.)

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And you wonder why no one I know uses bassets to hunt rabbits.

Or if they do, they use a regional French basset (like the basset bleu de Gascogne) or breed a beagle to a basset.

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Jemima Harrison has started the blog for PDE!

Check it out!

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I’m not saying these dogs are not exaggerated, but they are different from the bulldogs you normally see today. These come from a book called Kennel Secrets: How to Breed, Manage, and Exhibit Dogs (1904).

The dogs are wide in the chest. The heads are large, but they appear to be longer in the leg than the modern bulldog.

It is unlikely that a dog with the modern bulldog’s conformation could ever be bred in significant numbers in those days. Anesthetics simply weren’t as good as they are now, and Caesarians were much more risky. Now, the C-section is axiomatic in bulldog breeding, and breeders can now push the limits.

Top quality bulldogs look like this:


In short, breeding bulldogs has resulted in an animal that so horribly distorted that I don’t think a rational person can say they are okay.

Of course, all of this evidence doesn’t stop the flat-earth society from putting up misleading videos:


Now that bulldogs are kept solely as pets, I thought their function was to live to be more than 7 years of age. In this function, they fail miserably. The average lifespan is now only 6.29 years.

But all of this is ignored by the flat-earth society.  It is as if all the facts don’t matter all, and they don’t care at all.

Of course, I’d be wrong to paint all bulldog breeders with such a broad brush, and blaming breed standards only goes so far.

But anyone who will tell you with a straight face that the bulldog is doing fine must be on something, deluded, or a liar.

I don’t know which of these possibilities is scarier.

It may be time for the Kennel Clubs to be a bit like dictators. Anyone can see these dogs are a total mess– except for the flat earthers.

Which is why I am glad I’m not into bulldogs.

The bulldog does need to be saved– but not from the “Kennel Club Dictatorship.”

It needs to be saved from the brainwashed tossers who would rather hold onto deformity than actually pay attention to what real functional conformation is.

The pet dog function is flexible enough to have bulldogs that look like those early twentieth century dogs.

But we are not doing anything good for the dogs if we keep holding onto deformity as an improvement.

And that’s the simple reality of the situation.

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8 P.M (EST)  tonight on BBC America.

Don’t have that channel?

Check it out on youtube:


To watch the others, just click the video’s title as it is embedded on this page, and it will take you to the original youtube video. The others will appear as related videos.

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I think pekes are totally screwed. You cannot talk sense to 90 percent of their breeders. Trust me. You can show them old photos until the cows come home, but they still think the dogs that came from China looked like this dog.

This is one breed were most of its fanciers operate in a kind of vacuum-type paradigm in which evidence and logic are sacrificed for approval.

If you want to see what I mean. Look at the comments on this video.

Not only do I hate song, you can’t tell me that this dog is a “beautiful mover.”


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The reaction of the basset club chairperson is absolutely hilarious!

“We have improved them.”




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