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"Pekingese breeders are going to the gas chambers! Oh my!"

John D. French, the president of the Pekingese Club of America, thinks that taking away BOB from Palacegarden Bianca at Crufts this year is something akin to the Nazis’ conquest of Europe. ┬áHe left a bizarre message on his Facebook profile. In this message, he drags up the Winston Churchill analogy that so many foolish Americans like to throw out whenever they feel that someone is out to get them. The analogy comes across as little more than a paranoid rant. And yes, he does invoke the specter of the Holocaust, because he just can’t stop himself from going there:

I know that other lists have put out an email from AKC President, Dennis Sprung, about what is happening at Crufts. But I have the complete email conversation that Dennis’ email was taken from. It was sent to the AKC Delegate’s list, and I’m sure it is going to be discussed at the Delegate’s meeting this week.

This is just one more reason why I support the AKC in every way possible. Without the strength of the AKC and its leadership, what is happening in the UK could very well happen in the USA and around the world.

Even after receiving support and advice from AKC, The Kennel Club in the UK exercised very weak backbone when confronted by the animal rights attack and their BBC television program, and as a result, the fall out continues.

I was told by some UK Peke breeders that this decision to disqualify these breeds was determined before the show had actually started as it was rumored for weeks that “something” was going to happen. It has also been told to me that the KC is promoting actual legislation to ban certain breeds from the UK. And the Peke is one of them. If this is actually fact, then the Kennel Club in the UK has ceased to function in the best interests for the dogs, and the sport of pure bred dogs and ultimately the rights of all Brits. It will be the canine version of the Holocaust, and shame upon ultimate shame on the Kennel Club.

I am a student of history [just like Newt Gingrich!], and well remember when England was being savagely attacked by the Germans in The Blitz. The Brits fought back with everything they had to save their country. If they hadn’t, they would be singing a very different National Anthem today. So, where is that fighting for survival and civil liberties spirit in the British Peke breeders now?

When Lord Chamberlain came back from meeting with Hitler waving a piece of paper that ended up being worthless, what happened? Winston Churchill. If the Pekingese liaison to the Kennel Club isn’t fighting for the survival of the breed, the British Peke breeders can either be sheep and be driven off the cliff, or fight for the breed they say they love so much. Talk is cheap, actions speak volumes.

I have been a part of the British Peke world for a majority of my life and cannot for the life of me understand the lukewarm reaction from the British breeders this whole time. I always thought that the British people had civil rights and votes. Why am I not seeing it now?

May I remind the UK Peke breeders, when the Brits over here were being oppressed and unfairly treated and yes, discriminated against, they held a certain tea party in Boston that started a chain of events that changed the world. Guess what? I suggest you have a tea party.

As the 13 American colonies united to take matters into their own hands, so should the 15 breeds on the Kennel Club’s “hit list” do the same. This is your moment in time, the point of no return, war has been declared upon you and you are in the beginning of another Blitz. Either stand up and fight, or lose all respect from Pekingese lovers around the world.

I don’t have any problem signing my name to this post because I want all the UK breeders to know where I stand. WITH THE PEKINGESE!!!

Last I heard, David Cameron was going to set up secret prison camps to put all the Pekingese and bulldog breeders.

But you didn’t hear it from me.


My God, these people are total head cases.

I hate to tell people this, but the Kennel Club is a private entity. Although it is a registry system, it also is the governing body for conformation shows in the United Kingdom. It’s not a government agency.

There is no big government telling the Kennel Club that it must have mandatory health checks for BOB winners in certain breeds.

This was the Kennel Club’s decision to have this rule for its conformation shows, not that of any government official. There is no evidence that the Kennel Club is pushing for more government regulation of dog breeders– at least that I know of.

Because we’re not talking about the government or state agency, is it too much to ask people to leave the Tea Party slogans out of this discussion?

At the very least, should we really respect people who want to compare everyone who disagrees with them Nazis?

All these people are doing is making themselves look like they need straight jackets and rubber rooms.

It would be funny, if these people weren’t taken so seriously by so many.

All that’s going on here is that the Kennel Club wishes to be relevant in the future. Clinging to past in such a bizarrely paranoid fashion means that you’re going down the tubes.

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