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A pekingese with a profile like this:

Anyone who can say that dog shows are solely about selecting for improvements within breeding stock clearly needs to have their heads examined.

And even if we accept that some breeds do have functional standards, it is the same piece of paper that says the sleek German short-haired pointer is of breeding quality that also says the same about the deformed pekingese.

Why would anyone who breeds functional dogs want anything to do with an organization that rewards pekingeses, bulldogs, and pugs?

This is why I think multibreed registries really don’t have much of a place in the future of dogs.

And if breeders of functional breeds had half a brain, they would walk out of these registries that celebrate deformity en masse.

What good is to say that you breed dogs to functional standard when in the ring next to you there are all these dogs struggling to breathe and cool themselves?

These dogs defame dog breeding as a respectable activity. They are not worth defending in the least.







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Ti Ti, a pekingese painted by Maud Earl in 1913.

Ti Ti, a pekingese painted by Maud Earl in 1913. 

And here are photos of the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2012, Ch. Palacegarden Malachy:

palacegarden malachy

palacegarden malachy profile

The great “breed improvement” contests that have gone on for the past century have certainly done their magic.

What was once a pretty hardy little dog is now a little lion trying to be a marmoset.

It’s now so short-legged that it waddles around when it walks, and we’ve now seen the creation of the ultimate heat-retaining little dog that has both the extremely distorted respiratory/cooling system of the flat-faced dog and a thick undercoat of something we’d expect to see from the arctic.

I don’t know how sane people allowed this to happen, but my word, it is has.



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A nice little dog with a brain, a muzzle, and a good temperament:


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What lies inside no one knows.

This beast has slain many a noble and courageous knight.

And now all fear the giant shag monster!

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So says the Team Jenneh “We Was Robbed” Facebook Group. 

I’m gonna have to call BULLSHIT on that one! Yeah, bulldog bullshit. It’s not what happens when you cross one with a shih-tzu.

It was well known 10o years ago that bulldogs were radically different from what they once were. This painting by Cresswell H. Desmond from The Twentieth Century Dog Vol. I by Herbert Compton.  The image comes from the 1904 edition. What does the symbolism of this painting suggest?

(Source for image.)

The “Old Order” is the long-legged, long tailed bulldog, and the “New Order” is the squat monstrosity of canine flesh that is the modern bulldog.

This image denotes change in type.

I don’t have to show you more images. I could go through Stonehenge’s work and show you all the old-type bulldogs.  I could dig up bulldog paintings of yore.

I could do all of that.

And the Team Jenneh acolytes would still parrot the line about bulldogs always being like this. I’ve actually been through that Robert Leighton book, and he doesn’t say that bulldogs are fine. Quite the opposite. In fact, the Leighton book just shows how long bulldogs been unusually delicate animals. Puppies died all the time. Bitches had trouble whelping. If only bulldogs had only those problems to worry about today!

The Team Jenneh folks are looking like a bunch of spoiled children who just got their dessert taken away from dinner.

When I was a kid and got in trouble for that sort of thing, we got put on the chair and told “Shamey, shamey!”

Well, here’s your “shamey, shamey”  for acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.

Your dog didn’t pass a health exam that you knew it would have to face if it won BOB.

It didn’t.

The ref called a foul.

Get over it!

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