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These wome keep monkeys as their perpetual children, even when the monkeys bit their real children!

I don’t think monkeys make particularly good pets. The potential zoonoses alone should make one really think carefully before bringing a non-human primate into the home.

But to make one your ersatz child, that’s a somewhat–um– pathological.

And, as you’ll see, when the monkeys are bad, they call in the “monkey whisperer” to get them under control!

(See Part II and the rest here)

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I just watched a show on Nat Geo Wild about women who keep pet monkeys, which they call “monkids.” ┬áThese monkeys bite their human children and get diabetes from eating too much junk food. So yeah, you don’t need a pet monkey.

But I think Richard Pryor did a better job than I ever could of explaining why you really don’t need a pet monkey:


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