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From the Team Jenneh “We was robbed” Facebook group:

The important part of that thread is Phil Guidry’s comment.

Phil Guidry is a senior policy analyst at the American Kennel Club.

His statement is very much in keeping with the previous comments against the Kennel Club’s new policy from Dennis Sprung, the AKC president and CEO.

So if you thought the AKC was going to realize that its institutional legitimacy was at stake and actually do something to address the very real problems that exist with breeding for exaggerated traits in certain breeds, you’d be wrong.

It’s decided to side with what is essentially a cancer on all dog breeders and, ultimately, all dog owners. ¬†Breeding for extreme and unhealthy conformation is institutionalized animal abuse, no matter how you look at it. Refusing to address these problems is the road to the ruination of the American Kennel Club. It fundamentally doesn’t understand what is happening with the body politic, and the animal rights extremists will be able to use its recalcitrance as a wonderful foil to get even more extreme legislation passed.

Way to go, AKC!

Maybe that’s why your registrations are down.

Maybe that’s why people don’t believe you when you claim to be “the dog’s champion.”

Maybe that’s why so many people are turning to designer dogs– advisedly or ill-advisedly– and to the paper mill registries.

Kennel Club has decided that it wants to have a voice about dogs for the future.

The AKC has put its fingers in its ears, shut its eyes, and started nattering “Lalalala, not listening, lalala!”

And that’s how institutions begin to die.


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