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The Epagneul Pont-Audemer is something like a water spaniel crossed with a Brittany.

It is widely used as a water dog– a kind of French working retriever. However, like all French spaniels, it can work very nicely as an index dog.

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The dogs were developed in Normandy near Pont-Audemer and are believed to have derived from crossing barbet and poodle-type water dogs with the ancestors of the Brittany, the Picardy, and French spaniel breeds. The are essentially the French equivalent of the British water spaniels, which evolved from crossing the non-pointing spaniels of British Isles with the poodle-type water dog.

This similarity was recognized with the Pont-Audemer breed nearly became extinct after the Second World War. Irish water spaniels were crossed with the Pont-Audemers to increase genetic diversity.

The breed still remains quite rare. It as much as indigenous and peculiar to Normandy as the American water spaniel is indigenous and peculiar to Wisconsin.

The two dogs depicted in this post are liver roans. However, the breed also comes in solid liver or liver and white with ticking that is little less than roan.

I am going to count this breed as one of the surviving water spaniel breeds, which brings us to a grand total of four surviving water spaniels: the American, the Irish, the Boykin, and the Pont-Audemer. The two breeds of curly-coated retriever are clearly close relatives to these dogs, but I am counting them as retrievers.


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