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The value of Bo Obama, the president’s Portuguese water dog, has been revealed.

The “rescue” dog is valued a$1,600. That is cheap for a Portuguese water dog, but if you got one from a rescue organization or from a shelter, it wouldn’t cost that much.

Now, I’ve never bought the line that this dog was a rescue. This dog was bred, raised, and trained for the president. Bo came is a nearly grown pup, which was a good cover against the continuous whining from the people who were demanding that the president had to adopt a dog.

I don’t know of anyone else who has had their rescues “appraised,” but my guess is they haven’t been valued at anywhere near that sum.

This dog’s status as a rescue should be considered a bit dubious.  The story behind Bo is that he was kept by a family, who then returned him to the breeder. That’s a plausible story, but I don’t think we can call this dog a rescue.

He’s a breeder return, not a rescue.

It doesn’t bother me that much, but it will bother some people.

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Of all the breeds they could’ve chosen, the Obamas did choose a dog that is well-known for its trainability and good temperament. And they didn’t choose a cute, two-month old puppy. They chose a rehomed dog from a reputable breeder. They did provide a good example on how you should select a dog. Of course, knowing Senator Kennedy, who really does know dogs, certainly helps.

The NY Daily News has an article on the Portuguese water dog, which is quite informative for anyone not familiar with the breed.

No breed is perfect, and Portuguese water dog’s biggest flaw is its very narrow gene pool. There are some genetic disorders The second biggest flaw it has coat that is hard to care for. It has to be trimmed, and not everyone is prepared for that sort of commitment.

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A puppy has been spotted at the White House.

Rumors of an introduction tomorrow morning are rampant!

This may not be a false alarm.

I’m hoping it’s not one of the puppies featured in the Politico story that features the rumor.

Here’s the update.

I hope it’s not a goldendoodle or porty, because goldens and porties don’t have the gene pools to withstand massive popularity.

*Update: Specific dog has been chosen and is undergoing training; however, dog will not arrive at the White House this week.

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