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My take on hunting with dogs

This song summarizes my sentiments exactly;


Hunting deer with dogs is illegal in my state, but I knew an old farmer who used to refuse to own a dog that wouldn’t run deer. “It was the only way you’d know if he was any good,” he would say.

I have no use for “hunting is a bloodsport” arguments.

I find them appeals to morality I don’t have, not do I see any purpose for them, other than we cannot separate the contrived from the real.

The real world is not a Disney cartoon.

Animals have been dying for millions of years, and for most of our history as a species, we have been engaged in the hunt.

It’s only now in this postmodern, postmaterialist epoch that we in the West get so worked up about something so primal.  It contrives a guilt where there should be none. In much the same way that Christianity has forced us to have guilty feelings over sex.

Guilt is not a good moral basis, for it is a morality based upon weakness and hatred for what you are.  True morality is based upon the strength that comes careful consideration.

I don’t hate that I am human, nor do deny that the flesh of other creatures kept my ancestors alive. It was only through their ability to design weapons that they were able to be efficient hunters, and this prowess at developing technology is what allowed my species to become so successful.

I do not resent the simple reality that dogs are predators.  They evolved as predators, not as the sniveling scavengers that populate Third World villages, which have cultivated bizarre quasi-scientific theorizing by too many dog experts who think Raymond Coppinger provides the best refutation of dominance theory, simply because his domestic is the most incongruous with it.

I am glad that I grew up in the country, where dogs were allowed off-leash and boys were allowed to exploring in the woods. I am glad that I had a rural childhood that was not so filled with such denial of the human and canine condition as it seems too many people today are.

I am not a follower of Ted Nugent. I am not a member of the NRA. I am not a Republican.

But I am not someone who thinks with his emotions. I never have been.

I refuse to demonize rural Americans, for the same reason that I won’t demonize anyone else.

In a world where  so many people are starving and wars and genocides rage on, don’t you think it would be a little more moral to worry a bit more about these issues than go on about how evil hunters are?

So many of these people claim to be environmentalists and conservationists, but they don’t seem to understand a simple axiom:  Real tree huggers also hug hunters.  Hunting is just another way people relate to the natural world. It generates a lot of revenue for conservation purposes, which wind up benefiting whole ecosystems.

The Darwinian world that is nature is not a pretty place.  No one would ever want to build a society based upon those principles (at least not within the mainstream body politic). Predation is one of the factors that keeps nature what it is. Because nature requires predation to keep things in balance, I have often thought this to be the best argument against intelligent design.

If I were an intelligent designer, I’d make so that predation never happens and is never necessary.

But that isn’t reality.

And for those who do not understand that humans are actually part of the guild of predators, all I can say is that you’ve not really looked at your evolutionary history. You are an organism on this planet.  Your ancestors were once totally controlled by the forces of natural selection. In the end, we still are. One of the most dangerous delusions of the modern world is for us to think we are forever separated from nature because we have all this nice technology.

In reality, nature still casts a shadow onto our condition, whether we like that shadow or not.

The moral thing is to accept it and to use it for purposes that uplift our species and the whole of animate creation.






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