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If my puppies run on big hamster wheels, they are gonna be okay, right?

I wouldn’t want dogs running around in mud and snow– never!

The golden retriever got into a fight– well, that’s the temperament you want in a golden retriever!

DIY C-sections– just make tougher dogs.

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Most factory hog farms are more sanitary than this puppy mill.


I no longer agree with the content of this post.

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Parkersburg, WV, Dachshund Farm


This was a terrible operation– one that has produced tons of dachshunds in my part of the state and in adjacent Ohio. This was also a contract breeder for a major pet store chain.

I often disagree with the HSUS (including the temperature. We didn’t have 100 degree temperatures last year. We did have 90 degree temperatures, which we didn’t have at all this year.  It is very, very rare to have days that are that hot.)

But they were right to take this operation down.

We have no kennel licensing in West Virginia.

This one was taken down because it violated the Clean Water Act.

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