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The man seated with the dogs is John Brown, the Queen’s personal servant and ghillie at Balmoral.

One can see what is obviously a smooth dachshund on the far left and a fox terrier cross on the far right. If it’s a pure fox terrier, it’s undocked.

The two retrieverish looking dogs are collies.

Yes.  Queen Victoria preferred a kind of collie that was normally drop-eared and either predominantly black or black-and-tan in color, which was very common in certain collie populations near the border with England and Scotland.

One can also see how dogs like these would have played a role in developing the Gordon setter, which is well-known to have some collie blood– and this fact has been confirmed in a recent genomic study.



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Wiston Cap, the most used sire in working border collies.

Wiston Cap, the most used sire in working border collies.

My favorite post from Border Wars.

Oh. I forgot to mention it.  Border Wars has returned! And you won’t get a virus if you visit the blog.

If you’ve not been there, it’s kind of like my blog, just it’s for border collies and the politics are very different.

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