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The owner of Zomarick golden retrievers, Djanick Michaud, put this video together. He points out how his dogs look so much like the originals. This is in French, but you don’t need to be Francophone to see the similarities.

You can visit Zomarick’s webite here. The website is in both English and French, and all of his dogs have hunting titles and working certificates or are working on them.

In a post coming soon, I will talk about how goldens evolved into several different types. The working type most closely resembles the orginal dogs. If the dog business was about “original intent,” we would be able to preserve so much of our dogs’ working abilities and working conformation, which is different from show conformation. Of course, I don’t think rational people think we should maintain the old fighting bull terrier of yore, simply because its original ability was used for something barbaric.

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