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This is Matilda, and she’s available for adoption.  She is 3/4 Chinese crested dog and 1/4 “red heeler” (red Australian cattle dog).

The only part of her that says she’s part Australian cattle dog is that she is rather robustly built, and her head shape and expression is somewhat like one.

The mutation for hairlessness in crested dogs, xoloitzcuintli, and those hairless dogs of the Andean region is inherited via a semi-dominant allele.

It’s very easy to get this trait established in different dog stocks with very little outcrossing.

I’d like to see what her F1 parent looked like. I wonder if it had been powderpuff bred to an ACD.


There is some nasty anti-breeder rhetoric in that ad.

Just warning you.



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I have never seen an Australian cattle dog that had a near perfect mixture of red roan and blue roan.

I think this animal is just an unusual tricolor roan.


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(Source for image)

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