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A pretty amazing painting by Scot Storm:

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From Country Life Illustrated (27 November 1897)

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This bird is a melanistic common or ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). This is a hen pheasant.

She’s much darker brown and has more black on her plumage than a typical hen of this species. She’s not really as black as one might expect a melanistic animal to be.

A typical hen pheasant for comparison.

The cock melanistic pheasants are really black.  Well, they are black in that their whole bodies are the same color as a typical cock pheasant’s head– black with a greenish sheen.

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The pheasants are stocked, but the bobwhites are native.  And this Brittany’s game is on.


This is from a Kentucky PBS show called Kentucky Afield, which is a hunting, fishing, and conservation show– with its own Youtube channel. It’s where the Turtleman go his start!

Adam Edelen was Governor Steve Beshear’s chief of staff at the time this footage was taken.  He was elected State Auditor in last week’s election.

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(Source for image)


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