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The stills do not do this trot any justice. You have to see it in person to see how amazing it is. His inner hock is not touching the ground either.

flowing gait quest

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Ever see an AKC German shepherd engage in a double suspension gallop? Well, you  have now.

quest in flight

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Quest wants that ball thrown. This dog is totally AKC show-lines, and he does have a promising show career of ahead of him. He is a very intelligent dog with lots of drive.

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Clavo (left) and Quest (right) enjoy a morning’s whippet chase. Clavo is sichtlaut, while Quest is a silent runner. They are sables carrying black and tan (sable mother and black and tan father), and with these two, you might mistake them for black and tans, because their darker sabling is almost where the black saddle of a classic GSD is located.

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Clavo, front, and Quest running after the ball. They are both litter-mates and are pretty fit and athletic. They are only 8 months old.

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The Paw

Anka’s paw, extended out over the snow:

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Snowy Wolf

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This site is supposed to be haunted.  It’s a good thing I brought my hell hound.

top of lock anka

top of lock sniff


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Anka doing the “down” command in the silver maple leaves.

anka down in the leaves

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This is at a place near Beaver Creek State Park. Anka is the dark sable working GSD. Quest is the sable American show-line GSD pup. Jolene is the little black and tan GSD. Fontana is the little naked golden, out of coat after having raised a litter of puppies.

anka retrieve

fontana retrieving

crick wolf 1.jpg

crick wolves 2

anka and fontana.jpg

crick wolf

You can see the difference between the working and show type GSD here:

crick anka and quest.jpg

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