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Golden retrievers, of course, were bred at Guisachan house. Guisachan house was built in 1755 by William Fraser 9th. The lands around the house were held by the Clan Fraser of Guisachan and Culbokie, dating to the fifteenth century. You can see a depiction of the eighteenth century house and environs here.

I remember reading somewhere that the names Fraser and Frasier refer to Germanic settlers to Britain, mainly from the Frisian Islands or from Friesland proper.  The modern Frisian language is the Germanic language closest to English and Scots.

Where is Guisachan house?  It is in the conservation village of Tomich. The whole property is now part of conservation land. The land is at the west end of Strathglass, about 30 miles from the city of Inverness.  The Great Glen or Glen Albyn runs through this region, not very far from the Guisachan lands. This whole area is considered part of the Central Highlands.

This means that the golden retriever is the most northerly of all the retrievers, although the St. John’s water dog, the Chesapeake Bay retriever, and the Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever evolved in regions with much harsher winters. However, among British retrievers, the golden had the need for the thickest coat, and this environmental necessity could explain why the golden always has had issues with excessive coat.

I’ve been to England, but I’ve not been to Scotland.  However,  this golden retriever “Garden of Eden” is on my life time travel list.

Golden retrievers at the ruins of the Guisachan house.

Golden retrievers at the ruins of the Guisachan house.

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