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Catching a bonnethead shark


The first shark I had ever seen was one of these.

I was very young, but I remember the beast being hauled out of the surf.

Unlike this shark, the fisherman killed it and then dressed it on the beach.

The image of the shark’s jaws and teeth must have been embedded deep within my psyche, for whenever I dream of sharks, I dream of unusual head shapes.

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This is excellent:


Warning: It includes that graphic scene where Quint gets eaten. If you’ve not seen it before, I wouldn’t watch it here.


On a related note: Bruce, the star of this film, has been rediscovered.

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This is not a big fish tale.

The the claims about the size of the even larger shark that swam off with the gaff in its gills probably are exaggerated.

I’m kind of surprised that after all of that work reeling in the monster, they simply found some place to bury it.

And of course, it raised such a funk that it had to be exhumed.

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