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Cesky fousek are also called the Bohemian wire-haired pointing griffon.

Bohemia is one of the traditional lands of the Czechs. It is where Prague is located.  The other two are Moravia and the Czech part of Silesia.

This is the HPR of the Czechs, and it is one of the ancestors of the other gun dog breed from the former Czechoslovakia, the Slovak rough-haired pointer, which is the same color as the Weimaraner.

For some reason, I got these two breeds mixed up in my head, and for years, I thought Cesky fousek were gray. I generally try to avoid mixing up Czech and Slovak things, simply because there is a reason why Czechoslovakia is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I honestly don’t know how I mixed these two breeds up.

So this is a breed that isn’t common that is being used to hunt quarry that isn’t normally cultivated as a game bird.

The only thing that could be more unusual is if they were shooting these peafowl off the back of an elephant.

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