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This painting is entitled “Quaille, an English Water Spaniel.”

I include it because this English water spaniel because, except for color and the docked tail, this animal reminds me of a heavily-built golden retriever. It doesn’t remind me of a more-lightly built golden, but something about Quaille that says he could make it as  a show golden.


At a distance he also could remind one of a Welsh springer spaniel. In fact, it is well-known that the water spaniels were absorbed into several spaniel breeds, including both breeds of springer. One of the founding dogs in the field spaniel studbook was a cross between a cocker (English) and English water spaniel. He was listed as a Sussex spaniel only because he was liver in color.


That should tell you that the term Sussex spaniel was a much broader term than it is today. After all, one of the leading characteristics of English water spaniels is they had MORE leg length than most land spaniels. The modern Sussex spaniel has very short legs, and for a while, virtually all field spaniels were short-legged. They looked a lot like long-haired dachshunds with docked tails.


I’m preparing a post on the history of field spaniels. It will be posted early to the middle of next week.

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