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His later dogs were all heavy and coarse.

His later dogs were all heavy and coarse.

¬†Colonel Le Poer Trench was a fought in the Second Opium War. He returned to Ireland and represented County Galway in Parliament, but he soon moved onto other positions, eventually becoming Justice of the Peace for Westminster, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, and London. He was also fancier of Lord Tweemouth’s strain.

He always believed the dogs were of Russian ancestry, and he always showed them as Russian retrievers, even though everyone knew that they were of the same ancestry as other strains of yellow wavy coat. So much influence did he have that he was able to show his Russians against goldens in the same class. His kennel was St. Hubert’s.

Some of his dogs were not bad in terms of their working conformation. He presented this dog to King George V at Sandringham:


However, his later dogs were heavy and coarse in their build.¬† His heavy dogs existed at a time when this breed was being bred to much more workmanlike, and his heavy dogs may be the result of his firm belief in the Russian circus dog story. However, Mrs. Charlesworth also believed in this story, and her dogs developed into the more lightly-built and darker versions of the breed. Perhaps, the colonel liked slow moving retrievers. The original split in golden retrievers was between the St. Hubert’s line and the Noranby line. The Noranby line and those that were bred in its image would dominate the breed until the mid-60’s, when cream-colored, “English type” dogs replaced them in Europe. The St. Hubert’s line would disappear, mainly because Mrs. Charlesworth did not like that type. Some early judges often put up dogs of the St. Hubert’s type, as well as the Charlesworth type, which led to a great deal of confusion about what the dogs would should look like. Variance in type is not a new problem in the golden retriever. However, in the early days of the breed, darker and lightly built dogs were dominant.

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