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From George Turberville’s The booke of Hunting (1576).

All sorts of ways to hack around on your dog, get it drunk on wine, and make sure it ingests a ton of black pepper!

My favorite malady for which Turberville’s prescription for keeping “Bytches from going proud.” I have a lot of problems with “proud Bytches” these days, so I was quite interested in how to prevent this condition:

Before a Bytche haue had whelpes, giue hir euery morning nyne dayes together, nyne graynes of Pepper in hir meate, and she shall not become proude. Put them in to hir, in some cheese, or breade, or hard meate (pg. 234).

It should be noted that the only hunting Turberville mentions is “venery,” which is hunting with scent hounds. The  original word “hunting” originally only referred to venery. The word is etymologically connected to the word “hound.” Hunting originally referred  only to using scent hounds to pursue game. The word has since lost its very specific meaning and now means any act of pursuing game with or without dogs.

The illustrations of bloodhounds in this book are quite, um, different. The dogs don’t look much like any bloodhound I’ve ever seen!

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