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She’s figured out that swimming is awesome.

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After years of having very little interest in ducks and swimming very much, Miley has decided that she is indeed a golden retriever.


The newly freed ducks on the pond were just enough to give her the right stimulus.

She’s not from working stock. Her last common ancestors that did this for a living are likely 20 years gone.

But just look at how happy she is!


I’m almost inspired to jump in with her.


But I’m not the Turtleman. Yeeyeeyee.

Don’t worry about the little ducks. Their mother was a wild mallard and their father an Indian runner (domestic mallard variant).

They are very good at diving, and those lily pads encumber Miley so much that they will encumber just about anything else that tries to go in after them.

One of the ducks actually dives in the video. It’s often said that mallards don’t dive. They are indeed dabbling ducks, but they do occasionally dive.

These particular ducks dive a lot!



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