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Wilf Batty shot this thylacine on May6. 1930. It found it killing chickens in his hen house, so he shot it.

It is the last official wild thylacine.

He may have killed the last one, and I’m sure we’re all going to condemn him for doing so.

And we should.

But one should also keep in mind that this was a poor Tasmanian homesteader, who was trying to make a go of it in the bush.

The dog played no role in hunting this thylacine. Batty claimed that dogs always feared thylacines. After all, a thylacine had a much more powerful bite than any dog. When Batty brought the thylacine body home, his dogs took off and didn’t come back for three days.

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Thylacine and platypus

I asked this question yesterday about this depiction: “What is wrong with this picture?”

What I was looking for is that the size is all wrong. A thylacine was as big a Labrador (of the standard size).

The platypus is 17-20 inches long, and it weighs 1.5 to 5 pounds.

It is far smaller in the real world than this depiction suggests.

Even a thylacine cub that was of the age in which it could hunt would still be much larger than a platypus.

Now, one of the comments said that platypuses don’t exist in Tasmania.

Well, actually they do.

The darker shade on this map represents the platypus’s range:

Platypus range map

Now, I must admit that the only reason why I knew they were found in Tasmania is because I used to watch the Crocodile Hunter rather religiously.

The only episode that included a platypus was the episode in which he wandered around Tasmania.

I notice that this platypus has spurs, which means it’s a male. These spurs deliver a venom that can kill a dog. A platypus of the size of the one in that picture probably could kill a horse!

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