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So says the Team Jenneh “We Was Robbed” Facebook Group. 

I’m gonna have to call BULLSHIT on that one! Yeah, bulldog bullshit. It’s not what happens when you cross one with a shih-tzu.

It was well known 10o years ago that bulldogs were radically different from what they once were. This painting by Cresswell H. Desmond from The Twentieth Century Dog Vol. I by Herbert Compton.  The image comes from the 1904 edition. What does the symbolism of this painting suggest?

(Source for image.)

The “Old Order” is the long-legged, long tailed bulldog, and the “New Order” is the squat monstrosity of canine flesh that is the modern bulldog.

This image denotes change in type.

I don’t have to show you more images. I could go through Stonehenge’s work and show you all the old-type bulldogs.  I could dig up bulldog paintings of yore.

I could do all of that.

And the Team Jenneh acolytes would still parrot the line about bulldogs always being like this. I’ve actually been through that Robert Leighton book, and he doesn’t say that bulldogs are fine. Quite the opposite. In fact, the Leighton book just shows how long bulldogs been unusually delicate animals. Puppies died all the time. Bitches had trouble whelping. If only bulldogs had only those problems to worry about today!

The Team Jenneh folks are looking like a bunch of spoiled children who just got their dessert taken away from dinner.

When I was a kid and got in trouble for that sort of thing, we got put on the chair and told “Shamey, shamey!”

Well, here’s your “shamey, shamey”  for acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.

Your dog didn’t pass a health exam that you knew it would have to face if it won BOB.

It didn’t.

The ref called a foul.

Get over it!

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