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The ‘Devil’ had been obviously named for his looks. He was a curly sandy-brown, with whiskers like an otter hound. His victory reached the ears of the Welsh Church, and caused remonstrance against taking in vain names of potent powers. This had so much effect on the Welsh squire, that the following year he entered a son of the Devil and called it ‘Country Rector,’ possibly thereby avoiding the danger he had been cautioned against.

George T. Teasdale-Buckell The Complete English Shot p. 184.

I have no idea what sort of dog “The Devil” was, but he was probably a cross between one of the last old-strain water dogs of the poodle-type and a normal wavy or flat-coated retriever. In those days, one could do some experimental outcrossing. It is also possible that actual otterhound was crossed in.

Because of his unusual appearance, I think I am going to count him as the first and perhaps only trial quality doodle.

Judging from his appearance, he was probably not an F1 cross between a water dog of the poodle type and a retriever. My guess is he was a multi-generational cross. His owners probably thought he was a normal retriever when they had him as a puppy. It often takes months for the “whiskers” to grow in. (I know a smooth-coated Jack Russell that grew up to be anything but).

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