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Carrion bird

turkey vulture in november

We have begun our descent into the grayness of November. The deer are entering their time of being libidinous and dumb, and arrow have already taken a few of the bucks.

But soon the guns will crack, and gut piles will be scattered throughout the land.

And the turkey vultures will glide through the sky, casting their nostrils into the air current for the scent of blood and bile and stinking rumen.

The will drop from the sky and eat their late autumn repast, and then fly up into bare trees to digest their grisly fare.

Odd among the avian kingdom, the turkey vulture has fine sense of smell, and the black vultures and the ravens are keyed into their wanderings.

Turkey vultures will soon be heading south.  But maybe not. If the snows don’t fall, they’ll hang around to cast around on the air currents, fighting with the winter ravens as winter’s famine takes its toll upon the land.

I came across this big carrion bird on Saturday as I traipsed around in the first gloomy weekend of November. It had three companions that soon took to the wing at my approach.

But this vulture stayed put for a while longer, staring down at me with imperious disdain.

The great feast for the vultures is nigh.  The gray skeleton trees and the rutting bucks mark its coming.

This one seems to know what it is coming along with the sinking sun.

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Carrion birds

Up close with some turkey vultures, courtesy of the Moultrie 1100i. They came at twilight, which is why the video is so pink. They were eating chicken livers that were set out for more elusive things that were more elusive than I would have liked.


It’s still amazing what they look like up close.

And tell me again how birds aren’t dinosaurs?

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All this week.

Turkey vultures:

turkey vultures

turkey vulture ii

turkey vulture III

A few deer:

deer i trail cam

deer II trail cam

A wild turkey hen:

turkey trail cam

And a golden coyote:

golden coyote

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Turkey vulture in the sky


This is the best one of a turkey vulture I’ve been able to get. Look at the white primaries!

And the red head!

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Turkey vulture in the sky


This turkey vulture was flying high over the meadow today.

It will likely be hanging around here for about another month. They usually wait until the gut piles have all been cleaned up from deer season, and then they fly south to avoid the winter.

My grandpa once dared me to catch one. He told me just to lie down in the field and pretend I was dead. If I were to fool the “buzzard” into coming down to the ground to eat me, then I might be able to catch it when it came close.

I tried it, but I wasn’t fooling anyone!

And it’s a good thing, too.  The turkey vulture’s favorite way of defending itself is through projectile vomiting!

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