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Turkey bunch

A big flock of wild turkeys (hens and this year’s poults) cam by the Moultrie 1100i.

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Some turkeys

Some Eastern wild turkey stride by on an autumn morning.


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White-tailed deer and Eastern wild turkeys eating at the same table!


Two deer, a buck and a doe, shared their feeding station with a mega-flock of turkeys this week.

Here’s the playlistwith all sorts of turkey and deer goodness!


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On the trail cam this time! And look what’s with her!


turkey with poults

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Track of a tom turkey


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A dinosaur track!

It’s not a particularly fresh track.

But’s much, much fresher than 65 million years!

Here, we have very good evidence that dinosaurs are still living today.

It’s definitely a dinosaur.

Its scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo.

It’s better known as the wild turkey.

Turkeys are birds, which are a type of theropod dinosaur.

It’s not exactly a T. rex.

But’s it’s still a dinosaur.


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Wild turkey poo

I came across this rather large bit of wild turkey poop.

It was about two inches across at the widest part, and it was curled at the end.

That means that it was left by a rather large tom.

My grandpa always said the reason why the male turkeys always left a little curl at the end of their droppings was because they were artists.

It probably happens for a different reason. Maybe the excrement rubs up against the male turkey’s genitalia on the way out forcing out a curly bit at the end.


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The temperature rose into the 40’s today, and the sun came out.  The snow melted a bit. However,  there were still patches of snow in some areas.

I happened to come across a large number of wild turkey tracks along a snowy part of the trail:

Some of these turkeys were quite large. My guess is this was a flock of toms and jakes that have banded together to see out the winter.

Here’s my hand next to the largest tracks for comparison:

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