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Turkey bunch

A big flock of wild turkeys (hens and this year’s poults) cam by the Moultrie 1100i.

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Some turkeys

Some Eastern wild turkey stride by on an autumn morning.


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White-tailed deer and Eastern wild turkeys eating at the same table!


Two deer, a buck and a doe, shared their feeding station with a mega-flock of turkeys this week.

Here’s the playlistwith all sorts of turkey and deer goodness!


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On the trail cam this time! And look what’s with her!


turkey with poults

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Track of a tom turkey


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A dinosaur track!

It’s not a particularly fresh track.

But’s much, much fresher than 65 million years!

Here, we have very good evidence that dinosaurs are still living today.

It’s definitely a dinosaur.

Its scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo.

It’s better known as the wild turkey.

Turkeys are birds, which are a type of theropod dinosaur.

It’s not exactly a T. rex.

But’s it’s still a dinosaur.


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