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From the Anti-PDE Facebook Group:

Poodle fur does grow continuously, and it must be clipped.

The fur on the face is not the same thing as whiskers.

Whiskers are more correctly known as vibrissae. Vibrissae are specialized hairs that are used for tactile sensation.

All dogs have them.

They do not grow continuously in any breed of domestic dog or in any species of wild dog.

The idea that these specialized hairs would overgrow and affect the welfare of the dog is really quite silly.

When bearded breeds get their muzzles pared back, the vibrissae are removed. Not because they grow continuously, but because they are mixed in with all the beard hair.

This statement just show how poorly informed these people are about dog anatomy. Vibrissae might be called whiskers, but they aren’t the same as the beard on the muzzle, which we sometimes call whiskers in the common parlance.

That’s why we should stop using that term, and use vibrissae instead.


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